100% of Donations Go Directly to Children Helping hospitalized children since 1983.

About Pilots For Kids

What is Pilots For Kids?
Pilots For Kids is an international, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping hospitalized children.

When did we start?
Our organization was founded in 1983 by airline crewmembers who wanted to address the needs of hospitalized children.

What do we do?
Our organization’s primary activity is visiting with and distributing toys to hospitalized children. Our visits occur throughout the year, although the majority of our visits are during the December holidays. In addition to hospitals, our members visit children’s shelters, orphanages, halfway houses, and other facilities with needy children. Every year we visit thousands of children.

What percentage of your donations go to the children?
100%. All of the donations raised by crewmembers are spent by those crewmembers on items for the children. Besides toys, our members have purchased other needed items, such as, wheelchairs, special hospital beds and other special equipment. Because of varying situations, we allow our members to tailor their purchases to the children’s needs.

How is Pilots For Kids funded?
Annual membership dues cover the administrative costs of our organization. The $25 membership dues are collected in April. There are no paid members, as all of our members are volunteers.

Are we an IRS approved organization?
Yes. Pilots For Kids is a 501 (c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

How can you help?
As a Pilots For Kids member, you will receive a lapel pin, membership card, flight case decal, and our bi-annual newsletter. Most importantly, however, you will have the opportunity to help hospitalized children.